7 Secrets To Creating Effective Point Of Sale Materials


Point of sale materials – alternatively called POS materials or POSM – are important facets of any store marketing campaign. However, not all POS materials are created equal – here’s a quick guide to seven of the most effective methods to create point of sale materials that catch a customer’s eye.


Keep Things Simple

You might be tempted to squeeze as much information into signage as you can, but the truth is that shoppers usually aren’t looking at signage for detailed product info. Instead, they simply pick up a product itself – either to learn about its features or to compare one product to another – so this approach isn’t going to bear much fruit.

Instead, focus on a dynamic, easily understood message. One that resonates emotionally is ideal – signage for beach umbrellas or paperback “beach books” for example, can emphasize fun in the sun and relaxation. Let the details of the products speak for themselves.


Colour is Your Friend

Nothing draws attention like a bright pop of colour. A neon pink shelf talker sticks out when there’s nothing else nearby to grab a customer’s attention, and this colourful splash represents enough dynamic energy to instantly draw the eye.

Be careful not to overdo it on the color, though – too many bright colors too close to each other is distracting in a bad way. Keep in mind complementary colors, too, or you could end up with garish color combinations that are more of a turn-off than anything else.


The Eyes Have It

When it comes to where shoppers look, they typically fix their gaze at either eye level or perhaps a little bit below that. Placing signage or other types of POS materials too far out of this specific range run the risk of not being noticed, so shift your promotional materials to around arm height for the best results.

It goes without saying that you should also try to keep your best merchandise in this window as well. Whether you’re trying to move big-ticket items or clean out overstocked products, use arm height shelves combined with effective POSM to maximize your engagement.



Leading your shoppers to be pleasantly surprised is an excellent strategy when it comes to point of sale materials. Sometimes this means focusing on smaller POSM like shelf talkers over larger banners, as customers often feel compelled to pay extra attention to a smaller piece of marketing material that they can’t examine without getting closer.

Choosing a form of in-store communication in this way hooks a shopper. Rewarding the curious with a unique, entertaining and creative message generates feelings in the customer that the marketing world likes to refer to as “the warm fuzzies,” and it’s a highly effective tool for building positive customer experience.


Demand the Brand

Marketing materials that promote a specific brand can also be a highly effective strategy for moving merchandise. High-profile food and beverage brands like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and others are masters of this type of marketing, often providing retail stores with large, well-branded display stands or end caps that provide an opportunity for customers with brand loyalty to choose their preferred product.

It’s important to keep these branded stands and endcaps well-stocked, though – and only with the appropriate products. An empty or even mostly empty branded display is almost as bad as one that’s been stocked with a competitor’s product sticks out in all the wrong ways, sending the wrong message to shoppers.


Shape Up or Ship Out

Similar to a branded display case or endcap, a display stand or shelving unit that’s been transformed into a different shape is always a good idea. These can either be branded or generic, provided by a distributor or even created from scratch, though this does require a creative eye on the part of your staff.

Whether it’s a refrigerated unit in the dairy section that’s shaped like a gallon of milk or it’s a set of bookshelves in the fiction section designed to resemble a medieval castle, adding a touch of high-profile whimsy can make a shopper smile – and remember your store the next time they go looking for that same item.

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