Sign Board Design – Getting Your Signage Design Perfect

The internet has changed marketing forever, and now businesses can reach a larger market than ever thought possible before. However, in their rush to capture the global market, business owners mustn’t forget the potential that lies, literally, in their own back yard. To capture your local market and build trust with your customers and clients, signboard design is key.


Why Great Sign Board Designs Is Important for Your Business

The signage in front of your business (and inside, for that matter) is a visual reinforcement that your business is trustworthy, successful, and reputable. It’s much more than a location indicator: it’s your first impression, even before customers walk in.

As part of a fully rounded marketing and branding campaign, businesses should put every effort into designing a compelling sign. Dedicating a budget to your physical signboard shows your customers or clients that you are committed to your business (and proud!).


How to Design Your Signage for Maximum Effect

For a sign that does all you need it to do, you’ll have to think about the following factors.

Branding – Your signage design will be effective for many reasons, not the least of which will be your overall branding strategy incorporated into its design. Whether you choose to go for a minimalist style, a bold sign board design, or a professional signage design, do consider the larger branding picture of your company so that it works together with your existing strategies.

Colour – Colour is the most important element in brand recognition, according to countless studies. If you have an existing logo with a colour scheme, then this should be the starting point for your signboard design.

Location – Are you going to attach your sign to the facade of your building, or go for a standalone sign? How about window or door signs? Place the sign where it gets maximum exposure, within local council regulations of course. To determine the best place, consider the perspective of passersby. Walk down the road approaching your office and try to see what pedestrians see. Likewise, drive by in your car and notice which part of your storefront property is most visible from the road. Lastly, drive around town and take an informal survey of which sign locations you notice the most.

Lighting – This decision is crucial. It’s almost a question of what kind rather than whether to have lighting if your office or shop operates at night, or is located within a building. You may be limited to a spotlight if your structure doesn’t allow for implementation of a backlight. There are many options available for your signboard design be it front lit, back lit, neon, spotlight, etc. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

Materials – Long gone are the days when all you need is a piece of wood and some paint to make the best sign board design in town. From acrylic channel light designs to classic metal signage, there are lots of options. You can even combine acrylic lightbox designs with stickers for coloured effect, together with in-built LED lighting. Some even go the extent of using exotic metals like bronze or stainless steel for their signages.

Cost – Of course your materials will determine your cost. A custom acrylic/EG metal sign with LED lighting will be one of the most cost effective and value for money type of signboards. If your budget permits, then other more premium materials can be considered, such as stainless steel, bronze, glass, etc. For lighting you can consider spotlights for a classic yet effective look. Engraved metal signs occupy the other end of the cost spectrum (they’re pricey) but they last forever and need hardly any maintenance at all.

Size – Bigger is better in many cases, but check with your local council first, since there may be size limitations in your area. But bigger isn’t always better: consider the boutique owner who wants to convey sophistication and style with her sign. In that case a smaller design would be perfect. Remember: when considering size, consider how far away it can be seen.


A Final Word on Sign Board Design

The next time someone questions dedicating your marketing budget to good quality signboards, remind yourself that physical signage is still very important. It’s the physical representation of your brand, and what your business means for consumers in your neighborhood.

So here goes are some of the common types of sign board design in Malaysia.

front lit 3d led sign board design malaysia

3d front lit led signage design

3d front lit LED sign board design

3d signboard design malaysia

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