The Complete Guide To Signage Lighting

Savvy business owners who know how to get the most for their advertising dollars usually opt for signage with lighting installed.  Besides 24/7 exposure for your business, lighted signs provide dazzle, panache, and a way for a business to stand out to passersby on the street.


Signage Lighting Amplifies Your Signboard’s Message

Of course any sign speaks volumes about your business, not just where it’s physically located.  A good signboard indicates what’s inside the store: products, quality, hours of operation, even promotions if you choose.

Adding lighting to all this simply amplifies your message, and ensures people are hearing that message ’round the clock even after your store has closed.


The Problem With Neon Lights

Neon lights have a dual identity in our lives: they’re at once a treasured form of “art” advertising and also a cliched eyesore, symbolic of decay and hard times.  Everyone’s familiar with the broken neon sign with a few letters missing…often associated with the “seedy” part of town.

The problem with neon lights is that once they start blinking or burn out, they can be notoriously difficult and expensive to repair.  That could explain why there are so many neon signs in the world which get neglected.


The Advantages of LED Lighted Signage

The disadvantages of neon are solved with the advent of LED lights for signs.  Here’s what LED lighted signs have to offer:

Brightness.  While earlier LED technology resulted in a dimmer, less vibrant light than neon, newer developments are much better.  Modern LED-based lighted signage is beginning to rival that of neon signs in its brightness.  That makes LED an easy choice for many business owners- especially small business owners.

Cost.  LED lit signs are significantly less expensive than neon lights (on average, they’re at least 10% less expensive).

Cost to run.  Not only are they cheaper to buy, but they’re cheaper to run than neon lights too.  That’s because they are far more energy efficient.  They use 6-10 times less power than neon signs.  In fact, by upgrading to LED from neon or incandescent, businesses can save up to 90% in energy costs!

Green.  If you operate a “green” business, you’ll be interested to know that LED signs produce the least amount of CO2 emissions out of all the types of lighted signage in the world.  Your LED light won’t leak toxic gasses either, the way neon lights can do (argon and mercury).  When a neon light is flickering or “burned out”, it’s because all or some of the gas has leaked out.

Size & Weight.  LED signs are lighter than neon signs because they are thinner and less bulky.

Clarity.  Neon signs look a little blurry when seen from a distance.  LED signs, on the other hand, produce a light that’s easy to read from afar.

Daytime viewing.  Neon signs, when viewed in direct sunlight, can be misleading.  It’s hard to tell whether they’re on or off in the bright of day.  That’s not a problem with LED lighting, however.  A lit LED sign is clearly on, no matter what time of day!

Ease of cleaning.  Finally, it’s much easier to clean an LED sign than a neon sign.  For starters, LED lights don’t get hot, like neon lights do.


Types of LED Signage

Choosing between neon and LED signage might seem easy at this point, but your decision-making doesn’t end there.  There are also different types of LED signage: front-lit, back-lit, and spotlight LED lighting.

Here’s a handy guide to the types of LED signage:

Front-lit signs.  We’ll start here because front-lit are the most common type of LED signage.  Why?  Because light passes through the front of the sign, making it very visible to the eye.  You get the full 3D effect because the contours of your sign are highly visible.  That makes letters, for example, really stand out at night.

Back-lit signs.  Here, rather than letters or designs having light pass through them, the light surrounds each letter or shape, forming a silhouette.  The effect is dramatic, dynamic, and certainly upscale.

LED Spotlight signs.  Finally, if you want to update or highlight a sign that’s not lighted at all, there’s an LED spotlight for nighttime visibility.  They come in all sizes and varying power designations, which means there’s an option for every budget.  For a no-fuss way to light up your sign, an LED spotlight is the quickest route to getting the job done.

At this point, you should have a full grasp of lighted signage: the advantages of LED, why most business owners choose LED, and what options you have once you’ve decided to go with an LED lit sign.  Now it’s time to get creative and design your sign- good luck!


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