The Different Types Of Safety Signage And Signs



Safety Signages & Stickers

Safety Signages & Stickers

Safety signs is a necessity in a lot of places. There are many uses and applications for safety signages and among the more common usage are for ‘WARNING’, ‘CAUTION’ and ‘DANGER’.

Generally, these signs are placed in high risk areas such as construction sites, hazardous materials on sites and industrial sites among others.

However, in less risky areas, there are requirements for safety sign boards as well which tends to be related to fire, exits, dos and don’ts, among others.

Having the signs is one thing, what is more important is for these signage to be easy to read and recognizable.

So if you’re looking for safety signs for compliance and safety measures, then contact us for your specific requirements and we’ll be able to help you with it.



7 Safety Signs Your Business Could Probably Use

1. Mandatory Signs

If your local or federal government regulates certain types of safety signs, find out what they are and post them in the proper places. Even if all you have is a restroom in your business, there are usually employee hand-washing signs you must place near the sink.

2. Safety Equipment Signs

Do your workers need to wear any special equipment such as eye protection or gloves? Remind them (and cover your business legally) with safety signs in the area where they’d need to don such items.

3. Keep Out Signs

There’s no need to word it so drastically, but it’s important to keep customers out of non-service parts of your store. Many insurance companies require these types of signs. This is especially true for retail stores with backroom supply areas. Customers not allowed! Same goes for food prep areas.

4. Emergency Signs

If you don’t have exit signs up yet, stop reading this and go get some, even some temporary ones made out of paper. For larger companies, you should have safety signs set up to instruct people what to do in an emergency: where to go, what to do, etc. Think of a hotel evacuation route sign, usually posted on the back of each room door.

5. Danger Signs

At the very least, your business should have a sign that reads “caution: wet floor”. Whenever you have a leak, a spill, or you need to mop, bring it out and use it.

6. Biohazard/Chemical Warning Signs

You don’t have to be working with hazardous chemicals in your company in order to need these safety signs. Even cleaning chemicals stored in the utility closet should have a warning sign.

7. Wayfinding Signs

Keep them moving in the right direction with navigation signs placed around your store. People like to know where they’re headed, with signs such as “Sale Section” or “Cashier”, whatever fits your store.

One Final Word

Whatever signs you determine a need for, it’s important that they be easily readable. It’s nice to coordinate signage with your business theme or decor palette, but keep things simple. The idea is for visitors to your business to be able to easily read the signs, not for the signs to blend in with your interior decor! The best way to have easily-understood safety signs is to use internationally-recognizable symbols for common alert and safety messages.

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