Getting An Awesome Restaurant Sign Board & Cafe Signage

If you’re planning to get a sign board for your restaurant or cafe, you’ve come to the right place.

We are a signboard maker and have created and installed a lot of signages for restaurants and cafes alike.

You can get some ideas for your own restaurant signs if you do not have an existing design yet, or if you already have a design in mind, contact us today fro a quotation. As we are the signboard makers ourselves, you can be assured our prices are low.

Back to the topic on hand. When creating your restaurant signboard, please remember to keep this in mind.


Restaurant Signboard / Cafe Signage Elements

Your cafe or restaurant sign board should be easily understood. One glance at it and your potential customer should know which restaurant this is, or what food it serves. Although this sound common sense, sometimes we have customers coming to us with very confusing and elaborate design that will confuse a lot of people it it actually were made into a signboard.

Next, the lighting is equally important. As these eateries usually operate throughout the day including evening and at night, it’s important to have proper lighting. Whether you choose to use neon flex lights for your restaurant signage or LED lighting for your cafe signboard, the option is entirely up to you. However, don’t even consider getting a signboard without proper lighting.

Next, do consider placement and size. Sometimes in order to save on cost, customers will sometimes go for a smaller signage for their cafe or restaurant. Keep in ind that you’re competing for customers with all the other eateries within your area and if your restaurant signboard does not stand out, you’ll lose out.

So here are some restaurant signages to keep you inspired for some creative cafe sign board design ideas.


Restaurant Sign Board / Cafe Signboard Design Ideas

3d backlit restaurant sign board

3d lightbox cafe

3d front lit channel lettering food court signage

3d front lit restaurant signboard

front lit box up restaurant signage

front lit channel letters for cafe signboard

3D EG Metal With Back Lit LED cafe signage

3D Acrylic Cut Out With Backlit & Front Lit LED restaurant sign board

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