Pylon Signs, Project Signboards & Building Signages

What do pylon signs, building signage project sign board have in common?

They are huge signages which usually requires a more solid architectural support because of their weight as well as in defending against the mighty wind and weather.


Pylon Signs

Pylons are freestanding signs built on a surface supported by a pole or poles, independent of any other structures. It’s like a standalone sign.

They are usually used when the requirement for visibility at a distance is required. Due to pylon sign sizes, as well as because there is available space available where it is installed, usually it will be the only sign there, hence getting all the eyeball attention. They can be illuminated with internal lighting, or external lighting.

However, although the benefits calling for a pylon sign is huge, the cost of erecting one is also higher as compared to a normal signboard. This is because the structure would require proper foundation to uphold and support the weight of the structure.


Project Signboards

Project signboards are those signages which are erected at new project sites to announce or inform the public about the project details itself. Usually it will have information about the development itself, the owners of the project, engineers, architect, etc.

Besides having the project signboard on a new development site, usually there is hoarding as well to close off and cordon off the area from trespassers. Depending on the budget, some developers will just use standard metal hoarding (usually painted green). However, when it is exposed to the natural elements, rust will creep in within a year. Some part of the hoardings might need to be replaced if it gets too rusty.

There are also certain projects which will use aluminium instead to avoid the ruse problem. But then, aluminium is a more expensive material, thus will increase the cost of the hoarding.

Other than that, some projects will even have tarpaulin covering the hoarding itself so that it looks nicer and give a more classy look of the project itself.


Building Signages

As for building signages, these are relatively large signs installed on the facade of the building itself, or on a structure built on the top of the building. The cost of a building signage is relatively high due to its sheer size and the amount of structural integrity which is needed to support it.

Visibility for building signs can be seen from far away and it’s normally the primary point of even having a building signage in the first place, so that the building is identifiable from far away.

So if you are looking for pylon signs, project signs or building signages, you’ve come to the right place!

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