5 Most Common Types Of Point of Sale Materials

Point of sale materials – sometimes called POS materials or even just POSM – are an important facet of any retail establishment’s point of sale marketing strategy. There are a number of common types of POSM that companies use regularly. Here’s a collection of the five types of POS materials you’re likely to see.

Acrylic Countertop Displays

Countertop displays are one of the most common types of POSM, considering their affordable nature, their adaptability, and their durability. This cheap yet resilient display option can be created in any number of shapes and sizes, from business card and brochure holders to larger carousel-type counter displays.

Another great attribute of acrylic racks is that they are food safe. Unlike plastic polycarbonate displays, acrylic doesn’t leach harmful byproducts like BPA. As a result you’re likely to see any retail establishment that sells food items to use an acrylic stand by their point of sale.



Gondolas aren’t just for the waterways of Venice – they’re some of the most versatile and ubiquitous shelving solutions for all sorts of retail establishments. Gondola shelving typically consists of a flat horizontal base and a vertical component that’s outfitted with pegs or slats for easy placement of hooks and/or shelves. They’re designed to be modular, and they can hold up to around 500 lbs. of merchandise per unit.

If you’ve ever gone to any sort of supermarket, grocery store, drug store, auto parts store, hardware store, or anything similar, you’ve likely seen gondola shelves, as most stores use them to construct their aisles. Gondola shelving can come in a myriad of shapes and sizes from waist-height to six to eight feet high and anything in between.


Standing Racks

Standing racks take the utility and storage space of a gondola shelf and condense it into a smaller, more compact, and oftentimes mobile merchandising option that allows store owners to change the position of a display as needed. Standing racks – sometimes called standees – are excellent for placing in high traffic areas or stocking with merchandise that is designed to move quickly.

Many standing racks resemble a simple display stand, generally shaped like an easel but with multiple pockets to hold product. Other, more advanced standees may have a rotating carousel built in to maximize merchandising space while minimizing its footprint. additionally, many standing racks have wheels or casters to make them easy to relocate.


Wall-Mounted Racks

Wall-mounted merchandise holders are an excellent option for any retail establishment with dead space on one of their walls. Operating much in the same way as a gondola shelf and equipped with a pegboard or a wallboard, wall-mounted racks are different that in many cases, as their name implies, they can be mounted directly to a wall.

Wall racks can come in metal, wood, acrylic, or other material. Often configurable and customizable to the size of a particular wall, these racks can be just a few feet wide and long to large enough to cover a massive wall, capable of holding as much or as little merchandise as you need.


End Caps

End caps are an important facet of any POS marketing strategy. Meant to showcase products and services by placing them at the end of an aisle – hence the name “end cap” – they draw the eye of customers in a natural way.

Many retailers will purchase a specially-sized gondola shelf specifically for creating an end cap. Others will place a standee at the appropriate place, while others still will create a custom endcap by having shelves fabricated for a particular space. Whatever they’re made from, endcaps are natural focal points for merchandise that needs to move.

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