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Having a signboard for your company is no longer a question of should you or shouldn’t you. In today’s business world, having an office signage is important for your branding image.

So the question is, how does an indoor signboard or office signage differs from an external one? In fact, what are the main criteria when deciding on your indoor or office signboard?


Office Signage / Company Signboard

Generally, because office and indoor signs are located within the office or building compound itself, it is not exposed to the weather. As such, the materials used need not be completely weatherproof.

However, there’s one very important criteria when it comes to office signs. Because it is located closer to eye level, and within close proximity, the quality and workmanship of the office/indoor signages have to be much higher as compared to an external sign.

There are of course many types of company signboard designs for your office but a 3D office signage would be your best bet.

When it comes to 3d type of indoor signs, you also have a few options, in terms of the material used, the effect you are after, as well as the lighting.

Check out some of the company sign board photos below to get a better idea. Besides company signboards, we also do a lot of lawyer sign boards as well as clinics.

3d backlit front lit office signage

3d backlist office sign

3d stainless steel indoor sign

3d company signboard with spotlight

3d back lit led indoor signboard design

3D Acrylic Cut Out With Backlit LED Office signage

3D Frontlit & Backlit company sign board

3d company signage

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