5 Ways Neon Signs Can Help Your Business

Neon Sign

There aren’t many technologies which have persisted as long as neon signs. Invented in 1910 in France, their lighted messages have been drawing the attention of passersby and customers for around a century now. Surprisingly, the technology for many of them hasn’t changed a bit!

Businesses change from generation to generation, as does marketing strategy. It’s impressive to note, however, that neon signs have held their place in the business owner’s marketing toolkit for so many decades.

Just what makes the neon sign such a popular and effective type of signage? They’re highly effective! Here are 5 ways neon signs help businesses, in no particular order:


#1. Neon signs will increase foot traffic to your business

Even a stock neon sign that simply says “open” acts as a beacon to your store. It’s the international symbol of “welcome in” for businesses. Nothing alerts passersby and beckons them in quite like a neon sign. In fact, we’re conditioned to feel the welcoming vibe of a neon sign advertising coffee in a diner, for example. Or at the end of the day, a bar whose neon beer brand signs offer familiar comfort or a good time relaxing with friends. In fact, a bar or a diner without neon signs just doesn’t feel authentic!


#2. Neon signs can suggest high-ticket purchases

Let’s say you have a restaurant. If you have a big neon sign in your window that says “steak”, you are likely to have more customers ordering steak instead of that club sandwich which has a much lower profit margin. Or consider a sign that says “diamonds” in a jewelry store- it certainly doesn’t hurt your business to highlight what you’d love to sell! The power of suggestion is real, and a neon sign can make it work for you.


#3. Neon Signs can set you apart from your competition

Neon signs of course stand out, especially at night. They also evoke all sorts of emotions in people who view them. One is nostalgia, another is trust. There’s just something reassuring about a neon sign: it’s as if you’re saying “my business is so special, I have a work of art to advertise it!”. Not only that, but neon light is brighter and more dazzling than other types of light, so your sign will stand out in that regard as well.


#4. Neon signs help build your brand

Choosing a custom neon sign strengthens your brand. That’s important with both customers and with your employees. When staff believes more strongly in your brand, their pride increases. They’ll work harder and help increase your bottom line. Everyone wins!


#5. A neon sign keeps working to advertise your business 24/7

Since neon signs are viewed universally as works of art, they’ll catch people’s eye long after you’ve closed up shop for the night. Some folks even buy their own neon signs to put in their homes- as works of art. People simply can’t help themselves when it comes to catching glimpse of neon: we’re attracted to it, fascinated by it, and impressed by it. Is there any other salesperson you know of who works around the clock to deliver your message?

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