Signboard Maker And Signage Supplier In Malaysia


Although both sounds the same, there are slight differences though when it comes to a signboard maker vs a signage supplier in Malaysia.

Being a signage supplier, means just that, they supply signages, and takes no part in the production process. They are usually agents, or what we call the middleman.

A sign board maker though, means that they are involved in the production and manufacturing process of the signboard. 

Now, I’m not saying that they are bad, because they do serve a purpose. Agents or middlemen do add value when they handle the entire project, such as interior designers, architects, project managers, etc. They help clients oversee the entire project by sourcing from various vendors and coordinating with them.

However, if all an agent do is to source for signboard projects and pass it on to someone else, then it might be wiser for you to just go direct to a sign board maker like us, and save yourself some money and trouble in the process.

As an example, at Vortex Media, we have our own production crew from designer, welder, letter bender and installers. Our team handle the end to end processes from design, all he way through the installation phase, be it for signboards, vehicles stickers, building sigs, etc.

Our team is also highly experienced in the highly demanding job of cutouts which requires a meticulous and steady pair of hands. It’s time consuming and labour intensive.

But when it comes to certain other processes especially when it involves engineering works such as pylons and unipoles, we will rope in our professional partners (such as engineers) to ensure a smooth delivery of your projects.

The question is, does it make any difference to you as a customer whether we are a signage maker or signage supplier?

Of course it does!

When you’re dealing with a company which is involved in the production process, such as ourselves, you’ll know that we are in control of a lot of the processes, be it timing, or quality. You’ll also know that we are able to keep our cost low, and transfer this savings to our customers like yourself. That’s the reason why you’ll find our pricing pretty competitive because we are signboard makers ourselves, and not just merely a supplier.

To sum it up…


4 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Sign Board Maker Like Us, Instead Of Just A Signage Supplier

  • We have more control on the entire end-to-end process
  • We have control on the quality control
  • We have control on the timing
  • We can keep the cost low and quote you a competitive wholesale pricing
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