Acrylic Racks – What, When & How They Work for POSM


Point of sale marketing is an incredibly successful method for retailers to push low-ticket items. One of the best methods for accomplishing this is through the use of clear racks and shelves that are either standalone units or are designed to sit unobtrusively on a counter. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the role acrylic racks play in point of sale marketing.


They’re Simple, Inexpensive, and Effective

Acrylic racking and shelving units are a simple and effective point of sale marketing tools. They’re also highly affordable, thanks to the fact that they’re constructed from a synthetic resin that’s lighter, more durable, and much less expensive than glass.

Believe it or not, acrylic is also safer to use than other types of plastic displays. Unlike polycarbonate plastic, acrylic doesn’t have BPA, making it ideal for displaying food items at restaurants, delicatessens, and bakery aisles at supermarkets.


They Come In All Shapes and Sizes

Because acrylic is so easy to make, racks and shelving units made from the material come in all shapes and sizes. This makes acrylic a highly versatile material, capable of filling almost any niche when it comes to point of sale marketing.

Do you need a small display that sits on a counter next to a POS unit? Acrylic can be molded to accommodate flat products like candy bars, it can be designed to hold and display a multitude of small objects like cigarette lighters, and it can be built into a carousel to display jewelry, sunglasses, or any other small apparel items that are ideal for sitting on a counter.

Acrylic displays can also go big. Free-standing displays like literature carousels that rotate to accommodate a large number of products can easily be constructed from the material, and since even a large display or shelving unit made from acrylic is relatively light, it’s easy to reposition the display in a strategic manner.


They Put The Focus on the Product

Whether it’s a small, simple acrylic rack on a counter top that holds a stack of impulse items on a counter or it’s a free-standing multiple-sided rotating acrylic shelf stuffed with magazines and newspapers, these racks and shelves are ideal for showcasing products. Because they’re made from clear plastic, there’s little to distract a customer when it comes to examining a product and deciding if they want to include it in their checkout order at the last minute.

Additionally, acrylic racks and shelves are usually devoid of any sort of ornamentation or embellishment. This ensures that the product is what’s on display – not the display itself – and it’s this minimalist approach to point of sale marketing that makes the use of acrylic shelving and racking such a popular choice for so many retail establishments.


The Ideal Tool

There’s a reason you see acrylic shelves and displays everywhere you look. Acrylic shelving and display materials are one of the best-kept secrets of the point of sale marketing sector. Lightweight, affordable, and unobtrusive, these displays are ideal for showcasing fast-moving, low-ticket merchandise in a way that doesn’t distract customers, and they’re an important weapon in any marketer’s arsenal.

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