7 Creative Tips To Eye-Catching Brochure Stands


Brochures are everywhere. There’s a reason for that – they’re a great marketing tool because they’re inexpensive, they’re pocket-sized, and they can be packed with information useful to consumers. However, there’s a big difference in having a brochure available at your retail store and getting it in the hands of your customers.

Simply having a stack of brochures sitting on your counter next to your register isn’t going to generate as much interest as having an attractive display – and that’s where you need a good brochure holder solution. Here are seven of the best tips to create eye-catching display pieces for your own brochures.


Use a Single Stack Holder

A great countertop solution for leaving your brochures scattered all over the place is a brochure holder designed to keep a single stack of them in place. The most common form these holders take is that of an easel capable of holding several copies of a brochure.

Easels can be made from any material – wood, plastic, even cardboard – but more higher-end finishes will draw the eye. Not everyone is going to have a hand-carved wood brochure easel on their front counter, of course, but a good option is always clear acrylic. It’s durable, it doesn’t obscure the brochure in any way, and it keeps the focus on the brochure itself.


Dress It Up a Little

A single stack holder on your countertop should help move those brochures better than just a sloppy pile on your counter, but sometimes they can be too plain. Dressing up these brochure stands is a great way of drawing the eye of customers.

You do have to make sure you don’t go overboard, though. A small paper or cardboard cutout that can be affixed to the front of the brochure stand, either at the top or the bottom to avoid obscuring the brochures themselves, is your best bet. Using eye-popping colours and fonts is always a good idea, too – as long as it contrasts enough with your counter to stand out in a positive way.


The Wall-Mounted Option

If you’ve got a serious number of brochures to market, one or two single pocket countertop holders isn’t going to do it for you. Too many countertop brochure stands are just going to clutter up your point of sale, making it look busy and unattractive; your best bet in this situation is to dedicate some nearby space for a wall-mounted option.

There are any number of wall-mounted brochure holders out there on the market. They’re usually made from faux wood and plastic to give a slightly more high-end look without being prohibitively expensive, and they’re often arranged in tiers or rows to accommodate dozens of brochures at a time. However, the ability to hold so many brochures means that you’re losing a lot of wall space, so choose carefully.


The Single-Pocket Pegboard Holder

You don’t have to keep all your brochures in one place. If you’ve got a brochure that’s related to a specific piece of merchandise in your store, why not position the brochure in close proximity to it?

This can be accomplished easily enough. If you have a pegboard or a wallboard, you can use a single-pocket brochure holder designed to be compatible. This does mean dedicating a modicum of space on your wallboard or pegboard for the holder and its brochures, but the marketing synergy is often worth it.


The Floor Model

If you’ve really got space to spare, or if your counters and walls are already at capacity with other merchandise, you can always go with a floor display. These large-scale stands are advantageous because they can often be moved to anywhere in your store that you like – right next to the checkout counter, near the front door, or any other high-traffic area – and they can hold as many brochures as a medium-sized wall holder.

Most of these floor stands even look like a wall-mounted multi-brochure holder, with several rows and tiers to maximize space. In areas where you can’t spare much of a footprint, you can also use a tall, slim rotating brochure holder, similar to a magazine rack but with pockets sized for brochures.


Maximize Your Space

If you’ve got more than one brochure you’d like to display but you don’t want to go whole hog with a wall-mounted brochure holder, there are countertop solutions you can find. Some of them resemble miniature versions of wall-mounted holders, but on an easel-style stand. They aren’t much bigger than a single-pocket holder and they’re a good option if you’ve got less than ten brochures you want to display.

If you still need more display space but can’t or won’t dedicate a whole wall to brochures, you can get a rotating countertop holder. These carousel-like spinning racks require a bit more counter space, but they can easily hold the same number of brochures as a smaller wall unit.


Keep It Neat

Brochure holders can get pretty gnarly sometimes, what with constant handling and use. They’re usually in high-traffic spots in your store like the checkout counter or near an entrance, so they tend to get lots of attention from curious customers.

With all this attention comes the unavoidable clutter. Brochures get picked up, looked at, and put back upside-down, in the wrong spot, folded up incorrectly, ripped, torn – you name it. It’s up to you and your staff to keep these brochures looking neat in their holders. Doing so will increase the attractiveness of your store and make it more likely customers will pick up your brochures – and that’s the ultimate goal here.

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