5 Tips To Make Your Product Display Stands Stand Out


Product displays are an integral component of any marketing plan for a brick-and-mortar business. Simply having your merchandise available on store shelves is good and all, but unless you have these products arranged in such a way as to draw the eye of your customer, you’re missing out on some major marketing opportunities.

Product display stands are often the answer when it comes to marketing specific types of merchandise. They’re lightweight, mobile, and can be highly effective. However, you’ve got to take some steps to ensure these product displays stand out in a positive way. Here are five great tips to make that happen.


Focus on High Traffic Areas

It’s true that product displays are excellent marketing tools, but only if your customers can see them. Placing display stands in places throughout your store that don’t get much foot traffic or attention isn’t going to be the most effective way to market the products these displays hold.

Thankfully, because of the intrinsically movable nature of these stands, it’s easy to relocate one from a dusty corner of your retail establishment to a place that’s more in the thick of things. Putting displays in high traffic areas, such as near the entrance, close to the checkout line, or in a main artery like a central aisle raises the likelihood that consumers will notice these product stands.


Use Colour Theory

If there’s one thing that will always draw the eye of a consumer, it’s a brightly-coloured product display stand that stands out from its surroundings. Unfortunately, many product displays are created in neutral colours – often to make the products themselves stand out – and that means a neutrally-coloured product in a neutrally-coloured stand is going to blend in too much.

Of course, you can use some very simple colour theory to make your displayed products pop. Placing them in an area of your store with complementary colours nearby will create a pleasant visual effect that naturally draws the attention of customers. If you don’t have an appropriate place, you can add some brightly coloured signage to the display in a prominent area that works in much the same way.


Restock Regularly

There’s nothing sadder and more depressing than seeing a product display stand that’s got only one or two pieces of merchandise left in it – especially when there are empty spaces. This makes checking your display stands to see if they need restocking an important part of every work day.

If you legitimately run out of the merchandise the stand was designed for, you have a couple of options – if the stand has no brand information on it, you can simply restock it with a similar product that will fit. If it is a branded display stand, though, you can’t very well do that – your best bet would be to remove it, either permanently or until you have the inventory to fill it back up again.


Rotate Your Stand Locations

Most retail establishments will have more than one product display on their sales floor at any given time. These display stands are often left in place for weeks or even months – as long as the product remains on sale and you’ve got the merchandise to fill the stands.

However, just as you need to relocate poor-performing displays from low-traffic areas to more high-profile ones, you also need to mix up the location of even your successful product stands. Setting up a rotation of your stands on a weekly basis prevents customers from feeling like your store is stagnant and unmoving, and even an old stand in a new location can generate renewed interest.


Keep Them Looking Presentable

While this is related to keeping your stands well stocked, keeping them looking presentable goes one step further. No one likes to see a ratty, dirty, banged-up product display, even if it’s holding the most amazing merchandise on the planet, so make sure you’re not putting good products out in bad displays.

If you don’t want to toss out a display that’s showing its age, you can always rehabilitate it. Cardboard displays can be covered with coloured construction paper and rusting or chipped wire displays can be spray painted, for example. The only thing you can’t really salvage is if you have an acrylic product display that’s cracked. Thankfully, acrylic stands are inexpensive enough to replace easily.

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