5 Most Popular Uses For an Acrylic Box As POS Marketing


When it comes to counter displays, you can’t get more simple than a plain acrylic box. At the same time, this simple object can be used in so many different ways when it comes to point of sale marketing – many more than you might be inclined to think of at first glance. To that end, here are five of the most popular point of sale marketing uses for an acrylic box, many of which you might not have even thought of!


A Simple Bin

This one’s a no-brainer. Use a small acrylic box as a simple bin on your counter, perfect for low-ticket impulse buys like key chains, pencil erasers, souvenirs, or anything else you want. The key here is that a box used like a bin is simple and versatile enough to hold anything that will fit, allowing you to maximize counter space. Plus, the clear acrylic sides let you see what’s in the box without a problem, so customers can know at a glance if they want something inside.


A Display Stand

Everyone knows you can use an acrylic box to hold small impulse buys right at your point of sale counter, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it for that purpose. Upending an empty box and placing it with the open side down on the counter creates an instant platform that you can use to display a single item on a raised surface. As an added bonus, if you have differently sized acrylic boxes you can create a multi-tiered effect, showcasing several different items, if you want to donate some counter space.


Storing Food Items

One of the biggest advantages of acrylic is that it’s free from BPA, that potentially toxic material that leaches out of containers made from polycarbonate and other plastics. This makes acrylic ideal for storing food items cleanly and safely. Using acrylic boxes to store pre-packaged food items on a counter is a great way for restaurants, delicatessens, bakeries, and convenience stores to move fresh food that needs to go out before it gets thrown out.


Keeping a POS Organized

Just because you’ve got a bunch of acrylic display boxes on your counter doesn’t mean they have to be on the customer’s side. Using bins and boxes on the cashier side of your POS as storage for oft-used items is ideal for keeping things neat and tidy – and attempting to minimize those little headaches that front-of-the-store staff deal with every day. Pens, pencils, business cards, staplers, hole punches, paper clips, rubber bands – you name it, and there’s a box for it. While it’s not a direct POS marketing benefit, customers who see a clean, organzied workspace are more likely to come back.


Collecting Customer Information

Building a list of customers can be difficult, but encouraging customers to provide you with their information in the form of a little box on the counter for their feedback is easy. An acrylic box with the words “Suggestion Box” on the front, next to a pad of paper and a pen, welcomes feedback from customers. Meanwhile, running a raffle for free merchandise in exchange for submitting a form (or dropping a business card) in a clear acrylic bin is a great way to gather customer information for follow-up marketing efforts in the future.

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