5 Gondola Shelving Strategies To Maximize Profits


Since the advent of gondola shelving, it has quickly become a standard tool for a majority of retail establishments. Thanks to the modular nature of their vertical pegboard or slat board backings attached to their flat, stable bases, gondolas are ideal for all types of marketing strategies. Here are five of the best ways to use gondola shelves to maximize profits.


Market Your Heart Out with the Gondola Endcap

Marketing is all about drawing the eye of the consumer, and providing a place at the beginning or end of each and every aisle in your retail establishment to draw the customer’s eye is an important component of every retail strategy. Using a gondola shelf to create a custom endcap is one excellent way to use the shelving unit in a unique and versatile manner.

Thanks to how modular gondola shelving is, it’s easy to fit it with shelves or pegs in any configuration to showcase merchandise in an attractive manner. Whether you have high-ticket items you want to draw attention to or if you have overstock on clearance that you want to move quickly, an endcap is a perfect place to display these goods. Moreover, a gondola endcap can always be repurposed for additional shelving if needed.


Provide Easy Access to Surplus Stock

No one likes to see empty store shelves. That goes for customers – who feel like a store with big, glaring holes on its shelves isn’t doing well – to staff, who know they’ll have to take time out to restock and straighten. However, you can alleviate some of this pressure with configuring your gondola shelves to provide room for surplus stock.

By using pegboard or slat board shelving to create a small region either well below or well above customer eye level, you can provide space for surplus stock items that move very quickly. This will make it easy for staff to re-stock from this surplus, providing the kind of attractive, “well-stocked” look that pleases customers and encourages them to shop more.


Maximize Unused Space with Wall-Mounted Gondolas

There’s nothing worse than having dead space in your retail establishment. A blank wall is not only an eyesore, but it’s a wasted opportunity – you’re missing out on a place to position products for sale. That’s why going with wall-mounted gondolas to maximize used space is such a good idea.

There are a wide variety of gondola shelving options available. One-sided, wall-mounted gondolas are available in a number of different dimensions, meaning that even the smallest strips of wasted space to the widest expanses of an unadorned wall can be fitted with a pegboard or slat board gondola, adding marketing space and reducing wasted opportunities.


Size Your Aisles to Encourage Browsing

Gondola shelves are great when it comes to creating aisles in your retail store. A properly constructed aisle helps with traffic flow and encourages customers to move through a store in specific ways, which is why it’s so important to ensure your gondola shelving aisles are sized in such a way to encourage browsing.

From a legal standpoint, you need your aisles to be at least 36 inches wide to accommodate the Americans with Disabilities Act. However, even this could be a bit too tight, resulting in customers having difficulty navigating around each other. Pushing too far apart discourages browsing, however, so you need to find a size that creates a feeling of comfort without being claustrophobic.


Keep Your Best Items at Eye Level

Gondola shelving can hold a lot of merchandise – up to around 200kgs. of it on each unit – and thanks to their modular nature, you can configure a gondola shelf’s hooks and shelves in any way you like. That being said, if you do have a large number of different products on a single gondola, you need to ensure the best items you have for sale are as close to eye level as possible.

It’s common knowledge that customers don’t like to go through extra effort when shopping – they want their experience to be easy and pleasurable. Locating popular products so low on a gondola shelf that a customer has to hunker down is not doing you or your customer any favours. Keep your best stock – or items you price to move – at around eye level, and they’ll fly off the shelves faster than you ever thought possible.

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