5 Must Ask Questions Before You Decide

Signboards, booths, banners, and any media that you put out, are a representation of your company, your brand and yourself. It’s therefore very important that you do it right the first time, and that it reflects what your company is all about. There’s not much room for error, otherwise it’s going to be an expensive mistake.

So…before you decide, make sure that you get answers to these questions from your potential signboard maker

1. Are You Offering Me Professional Consultation With Superior Product Knowledge?

Most companies will just deliver or do what you ask for, without any professional feedback or consultation involved because it might kill the deal, or they might not have the expertise to advise you accordingly.

This is excellent if you’re 100% sure of what you want but in most situations that we’ve encountered, clients can really benefit from our consultation, inputs and product knowledge.

If we feel that there’s a better solution for your requirements, we will never hesitate to let you know about it, but ultimately the choice will be up you. We offer suggestions on what type of signage is more suitable, but never the decisions.

2. How Efficient And How Fast Can My Project Be Completed?

Talk is cheap! While we are aware that a lot of companies will over promise a client, but more often than not, under deliver, we at VORTEX Media choose to reverse that reputation in the industry by under promising, and over delivering instead.

We will never promise something which we cannot deliver. In fact, most of the time, we exceed our clients’ expectation.

Just note how fast we respond to inquiries and quotation and you can guess how fast our speed of implementation is. Not only that, if a company does not service you even before the order is placed, imagine what will happen once payment has been made.

3. Am I Getting A Very Low Price, Or Am I Getting A Rip-Off Price?

We are not, and will never be the lowest priced supplier because there will always be a trade off when price is compromised. Our clients, as business people, understand that all businesses need to maintain a certain level of profit margin in order to be sustainable. When the price gets too low, there will only be 2 outcome:

– quality is compromised, OR

– the business is heading towards closing down

Either option is not an option for us. We are in this for the long run, and we do not intend to compromise your work by competing on price. This doesn’t mean that we are priced at premium rip-off prices.

It just simply means that we offer a fair price for the level of quality and service that we deliver, but never the cheapest. In fact, a lot of our clients are impressed by the level of service and quality of work that we are delivering for the affordable price that we are charging.

4. What Type Of Warranty Am I Getting?

Most companies do not offer any warranty because it can be a costly business decision if the product and service is sub-standard. But at VORTEX Media, we stand behind our products and service and that’s the reason why we have a 3 months warranty against any manufacturing defects for our main range of products (please refer to your quotation for specific warranty).

5. Do You Have Your Own Factory And Production Team?

Chances are the company that you’re talking to, are just agents, soliciting businesses to be sub-contracted to signboard maker like us. But there’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, there are certain aspects of our work that we contract it out to our independent fabricators, whom we have worked closely together for many years.

Having said that, we do have our own production team as well as own laser cutting machines and large format printers to cater to majority of our own needs. It’s only a small portion of our work that we contract it out.

Just understand that when we control the production ourselves, we are much more in control of the entire process from speed to quality. There’s one less worry for yourself.

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