10 Most Popular Acrylic Display Concepts in POSM


Point of sale marketing is an important facet of any retailer’s marketing strategy. One of the most effective tools for this type of marketing is the acrylic display; thanks to its versatility, it’s a perfect material for almost every possible need. In order to illustrate that versatility, here are ten of the most popular acrylic display concepts in point of sale marketing.



Arguably the most simple of acrylic displays, the simple square or rectangular bin has been a mainstay of counter tops for generations. Acrylic bins have the advantage of being completely clear, making it easy to see the contents of each bin from more or less any and every angle, and it’s also easy to construct bins with multiple compartments, keeping merchandise better organized.



Usually just a pair of acrylic standees that are connected to one another by a plastic or metal hinge – or sometimes just one solid sheet of acrylic – easels are ideal for displaying unique items small enough to fit on a counter top. Whether it’s an open book, a small framed picture, a few CDs or DVDs, electronics like a display phone or tablet, or even folded garments like t-shirts, easels are compact, easily moved, and versatile enough for any retailer.


Multi-Tiered Displays

A hybrid between the rigidity of the bin and the angled display capabilities of the easel, the multi-tiered display is excellent for lots of different pieces of relatively small merchandise. Often used for jewelry, keychains, and other small objects, these displays often resemble the steps of a staircase and are perfect for occupying dead space on a counter. Typically anywhere from two to four tiers, and sometimes with multiple compartments on each tier, these displays keep your point of sale highly organized.


Risers and Cubes

While bins and multi-tiered displays are all about showcasing as many objects as once, acrylic risers and cubes are designed to show a single example of each product on every tier. More artful than anything else, these displays are often set up behind a bin or on a shelving unit containing multiples of the merchandise on display. Some risers may even come with integrated sign holders in order to market the objects placed on the top of the riser that much more effectively.


Counter Top Jewelry Displays

Whether it’s earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, or even sunglasses on display, acrylic counter top stands are often used to market jewelry. While sometimes bins and easels can pull double-duty as a jewelry display, dedicated displays often take the form of a relatively elaborate rotating easel, fitted with a multitude of pegs spaced in such a way as to create plenty of points to hang jewelry items. These carousel-like displays have multiple sides, maximizing space and offering plenty of interactivity to customers.


Pegwall Racks

While some retail establishments may not make extensive use of pegwalls or slatwalls – or may not have any near their point of sale machines – there are plenty of modular racks and hanger solutions that are available in acrylic. Since the material is light and sturdy, it’s ideal for eyewear display rods, belt and tie displays, or single watch displays. Slatwall jewelry display racks or pegs are also common, though it’s more common to see free-standing jewelry carousels set on counters.


Mirror Displays

While most people immediately think of clear, see-through displays when it comes to acrylic, it’s also quite easy to place a mirrored backing on the material and cut it into more or less any shape. This opens up a broad world of mirrored displays, which are often used in conjunction with displays marketing make-up, jewelry, eyewear, and other types of easily-donned apparel. Acrylic mirror displays are also a fraction of the cost of mirrored glass, making them an attractive and affordable alternative.


Literature Displays

Whether it’s a brochure, a magazine, or a fully-fledged book, acrylic displays holding literature for sale are a classic addition to any point of sale marketing campaign. Many of these literature displays are ideal for hanging on pegboards or slatboards, but it’s not uncommon to see revolving literature carousels on counter tops or even free-standing versions designed to hold dozens of different titles. Floor models are also easily repositionable, making them ideal for not just near your point of sale but anywhere in your retail space.


Locking Displays

In order to market high-ticket items that are a feast for the eyes, many retailers choose acrylic displays that can be locked for security purposes. Whether it’s a counter-top display showcasing expensive watches or rings, rare collectibles like coins or stamps, or any other valuable object you can think of, a locked display keeps sensitive or delicate merchandise safe from sticky fingers while still providing customers a good view of what’s for sale.


And Everything Else

Acrylic can be molded into almost any form and shape. That makes it ideal for miscellaneous displays that don’t really fit into any of the above categories – or that share one or more qualities of these categories. Displays with custom-sized holes for merchandise that doesn’t have a uniform shape are a perfect example of a common use for a miscellaneous display of this type.

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